Suhaini Bte. Md Ali

I had to take on both roles as a mother and father

“SPIN really values us as single parents and constantly reminds us that we need to take care of ourselves also.”

I am a single parent to two sons, and the guardian of my young nephew. Due to strained familial relations, I had to take on both roles as a mother and father without the support of my family, and I constantly faced challenges.

After discovering HCSA SPIN on Facebook, I wanted to know more about the types of services and help offered to single parents. I immediately reached out to enquire about membership and was quickly attended to by Jeanne, HCSA SPIN’s social worker. I have been an active member and attendee of various events and workshops since joining HCSA SPIN. In a way, these programmes help me de-stress since volunteers assist in taking care of the boys while I learn.

I am grateful for the support and encouragement from the HCSA SPIN team – particularly my befriender Rasi and Jeanne – for helping me to stay strong and positive for my children. SPIN really values us single parents and constantly reminds us that we must take care of ourselves as well.
Suhaini Bte. Md Ali

HCSA Community Services (HCSA) is a charitable organisation with the Institution of Public Character (IPC) status and a member of the National Council of Social Service. As a family of dedicated staff, volunteer teams, corporate and community partners, we continue to serve some of the most vulnerable in society, to give them a future and a hope. Our beneficiaries include vulnerable individuals such as ex-offenders, single parents facing limited support, and teenage girls who have suffered the complex trauma of abuse.