Education gives me the knowledge of the world around me.

I did like to really understand everything that make me strong and happy. First of all I need to find out what I really want to do in life? What the goals that are worth for me. And then I develop character features and skills that I need to move towards my highest goals and deepest dreams. But of course I have weakness. one of big weaknesses that have happened to me is the fear of public speaking. And I know there’s no quick fix solution to this. being afraid of public speaking was hurting my ability to enjoy life and achieve goal. And I know that I have to make the choice to change. Most importantly take action and force my self to do things that I didn’t like. That’s why I always want to learn more in English.
Since past five years, English become my first language, And I realize that I have to improve it. And the best thing I can do to improve in English is listen up, the more I listen the method of ears will be. I do self learning to improve my English and taking English classes and following by online.
Working as domestic worker is not easy because I need trust and freedom from employer. our priority comes to Singapore is for working not for studying, but if an employer giving us support to learn something it’s such a big bonus in our life because we believe we can see opportunity.
To have better communication I spend my off day to improve my skill I have desire to work and learn. thought I was working as domestic worker I have to go home with great future and more knowledgeable, I believe that education is very important. I don’t have a lot of money to share but I have knowledge to share with.
when my employer allowed me to take off day every Sunday I take advantage of my off day to gain knowledge to improve my skill, I join with Aidha since 2015, at Aidha they teach me how to plan the future, learn computer skill, leadership skill so that I can do better communication, entrepreneurship skill so that we know how to do business so whenever I am ready to go home I have skill to do that, from those course that I learned in Aidha it make me to be more independent. Not only join in Aidha I also went to sewing course to improve my sewing knowledge, I went to GG to learn English and have been graduate on April and now I’m following English course at Aidha. I have learn a great deal of English in both community, now I can speaking English politely and with confidence. It really help me to improve my daily life.
Education gives me the knowledge of the world around me. It develops my perspective of looking at life. My name is Susanti and this is the best of me 😇