I will appreciate this talent.

Well, I have a lot of hobbies such as reading, photography, watching movies, but my biggest hobby is drawing and sketching and I started drawing since I was very young like 3 or 4 years old, I love this hobby because I can always express my feeling without speaking out but through sketching. Until now,

My first impression that brings to my friends is like "Oh, she's so pro in drawing!" Yes, I feel proud of this hobby. Most of the time, I love drawing fan arts of movie or even songs that I love. Year by year, I had improved my drawing skill by getting references from internet, comics and watching YouTube tutorials, too!

When I get a chance that I am able to unleash my drawing skill, I will join the competition without any hesitation, because I will feel bad if I let these chances go. Because of these activities and competition, I can get to know more friends who has same hobbies as mine!

I can say that this drawing hobby is the reason that makes my life creative, meaningful and of course colorful, I will appreciate this talent that my parents and God have given me, thank you.

Suzanne Fong Soo Suen

Saito College
Suzanne Fong Soo Suen