Suzi Chua

To color the broader landscape for a better world.

Year 2017-2018 has been awesome thus far.
I have completed six (6) new art pieces – both large and mid-size canvases, showcasing various mediums.

I travelled to Sabah for family time, and more importantly, to impart my decades of learning the Arts, and how this supports conservation efforts.

Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) – thank you for enabling this.

A third (3rd) daughter-in-law, who completes the pairing “off” of all three (3) boys, completes our family tree.

I received the blessings of a precious new grandson - Valentino.

All in, I am greatly favored by The Universe. And am grateful.

There is, however, a constant quiet nagging that my purpose, has not quite been fully “met.” There is so much more to do. Perhaps “not enough time.”

My gravitation towards the arts, is much more than merely creative sketches, lines, colors.
The ability to create, is very much driven by the subject of creation.

For instance, the “Gentle Giant.” A 4.7ft x 5ft acrylic canvas of the beautiful pongo pygmaeus / Bornean orangutan.
Endangered globally and vulnerable in Sabah & Sarawak, this “Man of the Forest” is found in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra.

As an artist, I was drawn by her magnificent beauty. Her sheer “vastness.”
As a being, I was compelled by her story. To tell her tales. Her timed existence on earth. The very dangers that threaten her length of time. How she, and many family members, have been robbed of the right to live.

In so doing, I am frequently reminded that humankind is the largest hazard to any living species.

This artwork, and my hundreds of other animal portraits, are little nails of confirmation – to seal my place and prompt me: I have been called, chosen to be an Animal Artist; to serve Mother Nature and wildlife, to tell amazing stories that educate and contribute to preservation of our planet earth.

My art provides “reports” of the diversity and functions of nature – just by paintings and figurines.
My works and collaborations help to mitigate the risks of wildlife poaching – via art education.
My narratives messages convey essential inter-dependence of nature, science, art, commerce - and the oneness of it all.

As such, my life as an Animal Artist brings full realization, that although seemingly separated, each step of the journey, each process and element, makes the sum of all things.

And my purpose, in this lifetime at least, is met, and I continue to serve my artistic calling - to color the broader landscape for a better world.
Suzi Chua