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Journey to become the better life.

Journey to become the better life
Always ask to myself "what i want for life" and " This is enough for me". To be better person for future it's not easy. My journey start for bottom and to get what i want and It's push me a lot. I have big dream and to become a teacher and writer. But it's not enough for me if i not push my self to be a better and better. My journey start like " It's nothing for my life if i continue this journey." I feel nothing, not happy and like " what my life like this,". It's happen for my life.
In 2015, I continue my journey after i finish my study in Certificate Information Communication Technology and my journey become worst after i continue my study in Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Diploma Early Childhood Education. This is my passion
since i'm child and but the journey it's not what i'am thinking. Start my first semester it's like new journey. It's good start but not really good because start my second semester my life like "Most bad dream ever in my life." My life start trouble with same problem.
My course with other course it's totally different because my course it's most trouble and most make people trouble because the attitude. Day by day i realize i need to work hard and never give up. I finish my Certificate at 2017 and after that, i take a break most three months before i continue my diploma with same college in same years. Same thing happen again and this like most hard thing happen in my life.
I most struggle to adapt this situation because during my Certificate totally different and you must adapt with diploma student. The lesson it's most hard and really make me not find my true self. I decided to stop my study suddenly because i cannot be like this anymore. But my parents and my sister found this news and them advice to me please think again. But after i think carefully and i decide to continue my study because i really passion and also my dream.
During my last semester before i go to internship. Worst thing happen again and it's be life trouble and trouble. I need work into group and for my course we have a lot assessment to do in group and i still remember one subject we need to do drama but it's not really working. I realize i need work really hard to this journey. I need to survive and patient. I survive until finish everything. I did and we must think what we want for life and to catch my dream it's not easy but be passion and keep learning. Nothing easy to get what you want but be passionation.
Syafiqah Halim
Syafiqah halim