A mother's love has no limit.

My mother had left us on 5/5/2013, which was almost a year ago, I recalled in year 1979, which was the year that I sat for my MCE examination. Among the 12 brothers & sisters, I am the only one in the family having the opportunity to continue my studies to secondary level.

For a poor family where we could hardly make ends meet, taking RM 110 for the examination fees is very hard and difficult. I remembered asking my mother for the fees and reminded her on several occasions that the fees were due in order that I may sit for the examinations.

Despite speaking to her many times and reminded her of the last payment date, there was hardly anything she could do to raise the amount needed. I remembered on the eve of the last payment date, I could not sleep and knowing that it is difficult to ask my mum to raise the money for the fees, I make up in my mind that I will not sit for the examination and probably come out to look for employment to help the family.

The next morning, as I prepared to leave for school to inform my teacher of my decision to skip the examinations and as I was about to step out of the house, my mum handed to me the money and say that she had managed to borrow the money from the neighbours and that she has not forgotten that today was the last date to pay for the exam fees.

I found out the next following day that my mum had gone to the pawnshop and sold her wedding necklace which was given by her mother as a family heirloom. I realized that " a mother's love has no limit ".

MUM, I truly appreciate all that you have sacrifice for me! And this value will always guide me to teach my children in return to likewise honour their mothers. “THAT’S THE BEST OF YOU”, “Who is the best of you?”
Tai KH