I learned the importance of my family.

Hi Im Chan here. I just like to share my little story from my life. I learn a lot of things when i was 20 yrs old until 35 years old.. Since i was 13 years old i was a happy go lucky guy. I always believe must keep positive thinking then everything will go smooth and good. I was a good friend as well as a person within the community. I always think of ways to help my friends if they are in need as well as to change their mindset into a better person.

When I see beggars on the street, I always donate. However, someday one of my friend told me, if I don't donate that much, there wouldn't be as much beggars on the first place. Hence, I started not to donate anymore. Anyhow, I still think people should keep a positive attitude towards life.

My wife is always supportive for whatever I does. Even though she doesn't talk much, she is a good person within. When I make mistakes or decisions, she will always give me her idea. One more thing, she also gave birth of a very cute and smart kid!

After I started working, I changed from that "friends first" guy to a family guy. I learned the importance of my family and I wish you could do as well.
Takeshi Chan