Dancing brings out my hidden talent.

I think what brings the best out of me would be dancing. Because I’ve been dancing since I was quite young, for around half of my life already. I feel like with dance, I can express my emotions better. I can express my emotions normally as well, but with dance, it’s just a whole new level of expression. For example, when you’re angry, you’ll usually storm around or just scream. But with dance, you can use your gestures and dance more powerfully with your anger, so that the energy doesn’t go to waste.

So far, dance has helped me with discipline and time management, as well as school work. For our dance classes, we have to remember our combinations really quick and it kind of helps with studying as well. If I didn’t dance in the beginning I would probably be much fatter, lazier, and I will be like a major procrastinator. But I guess dancing brings out my hidden talent as well. I don’t even know if I’d discovered that yet, but maybe one day I will.

When I am dancing, sometimes I just feel very dead and my muscles just won’t work with me. But then there are those days when it’s really good. And those days are nicer compared to those off days. But I guess everyone has their own good days and bad days. The joy of dancing is a really nice feeling especially when you’re dancing on stage. There will be the adrenaline rush because you don’t know if you’ll make a mistake, or maybe you’ll nail a really good turn, or you deliver your best. But of course, you try to deliver your best every time.

When it’s a good day in dance, it’ll make me really happy and my dancing quality better and I will improve. I wouldn’t say that I will feel accomplished, but I will feel like I’m getting closer to my goal every time; and for now, it is to attend ballet school full time.