I'll be there for you Singapore.

This film is an entry for cine65 2013 with the theme of 'I'll be there for you Singapore'

A young lady struggles with her decision and talks to her family members and friends about her intention on leaving her normal life to pursue something different. The people around her reminds her of the things she will miss but it is because of these people that she considered this decision in the first place

'Going Away'
Directed & Edited by Tariq Mansor
Produced by Briana Foo
Director of Photography Sharon Hoo
Production Assistant Takuya Aonuma

Ashley Erianah Chan
Eveline Antonella Aathar
Tan Mei Jia Shannon
Rohanah Bte Suleiman
Chiam Lee Meng

Special Thanks:
Gerald Seah
Muhd Zulhairi bin Sri
Danial Juhari
Matthias Choo