A leader is obliged to take care of his subordinates.

I was taught early that a leader is obliged to take care of his subordinates, especially in times of need. This teaching has been a guiding principle for me throughout my working life and I always found it gratifying when I was able to lend a helping hand.

In my present company, I have come across many workers who faced problems but did not know where to turn to, for help. It is very sad indeed.

I have this story to share. A company driver has 6 children, ranging from 4 to 17. One day he accidently fell when at work and injured his kidney. He was promptly taken to the General Hospital and warded. That night I went to visit him. He was lying in bed weak and in pain. His wife was beside him. She looked forlorn and very worried. After talking to him, I asked her how she came to the GH and who was taking care of her children. She said that she took a bus and her older children were taking care of the younger ones. Then I asked her if there was anything she needed, she told me that her husband needed thermal socks because his feet were cold all the time. But she could not afford them because they were expensive. Sensing her helplessness, I gave her some money for the socks and other expenses. I could see her face light up as though the sky had cleared up. She thanked me with tears in her eyes. At that moment, I also choked up and could not say anything except nodding in acknowledgement.

It was very sad to know that she had so many worries in her hands. Her husband was sick and she had to care for him and also her children. She was helpless and did not know where to turn to. Any form of assistance to her was very much appreciated.

Amidst the sadness, it was also a relief to see how our concern and assistance to people in times of need can make them feel much better. For that, I am truly grateful that I have these opportunities to help people.