We love you, mum.

She is 57 years old. Working 6 days a week, up to 12 hours a day. As a crew member at a fast food chain, making sure there will always be a roof above her children and to make ends meet. 2016 has not been any easy for her. No one can imagine how many tears she has shed. She was once betrayed and now abandoned. She cannot remember when was the last time she saw her son. One whom she single-handedly brought up, only to be thrown aside like she is a liability. He is living comfortably but spares no change for her mum. To this day, she has never even caught a glimpse of her own grandson. Tucking herself into bed after work every night with a clueless mind at 1am. Praying to God, hoping that all these was just a dream. All she ever wants is to see her child. Today, she is still smiling in front of her other children. Being the sunshine she is and always will be.

Her unconditional love is what makes the rest of her children who they are today and we thank God for such an amazing gift. She is a mother of 4 and she is the best parent her other 3 children can ever ask for. We love you, mum.
Tee Horng Ann