She always root for the underdogs.

My wife and I always play this game spontaneously. The -Tion Game. It always start when one of us uses that word in our conversation, then the flood gate opens. We would outwit each other with the words wether with the same spelling or same pronunciation.

I love her very much. It was her who encouraged me to go ahead to be a cartoonist (though not a full time one). She believes in me and always give encouraging words and motivation. When I lost my job, she was the one who invested in me to sell my artwork on t-shirts as well. Because of her, I now draw frequently even when I already have a full time job. She kept my passion burning for art and let me bring out the best in me through my comics.

She was there when I was up, and she was there when I was down. One thing I love about her, is that she always root for the underdogs. Whenever she sees small businesses, her heart will turn soft and go over to support them. But eventually, when we do go back to those small businesses, they will not be there anymore. Haha!

Terry Neoh