The Impatient Sisters

The Best of the Impatient Sisters.

I think we all started around 9 or 10. Me and Nazeera learnt the piano, Irena the guitar. We took vocal lessons only after the band was formed. It was good to learn how to sing with each other better.

When we first started singing together and sharing videos with our friends, we figured "Soraya, Nazeera and Irena" was too long for a band name. We named ourselves "The Impatient Sisters" because we tend to get impatient with each other, especially when it comes to finishing a song.

Being in a band together has definitely brought our whole family closer (if that's even possible) together. When we have events, even our aunts, uncles and cousins come down to help. Being in this band together has also brought us out of our shells and gave us the opportunity to make friends with people in the indie music scene which are the greatest bunch of people we've ever met. Not to mention, hella creative! I've told my friend once that maybe being in the band isn't about the music, but God's way to let us meet beautiful friends.

We hardly see the band, as a band. As the manager, it's always hard to manage everyone and not sound too bossy. There's a thin line between managing your band mate and managing your sister, I guess. At the end of the day, you go home together so you'd always want to be on everyone's good side most of the time. If there's an agreement, it's good to compromise. Being part of The Impatient Sisters together, just hanging out at home laughing about something that no one else can understand besides us. To me, this would be The Best of the Impatient Sisters
The Impatient Sisters