Tiew We Ping

Teamwork is about bringing out the Best in You.

For daily work, we deal with different department and character of people to complete our tasks. To achieve a common team goal, all members are required to have the same understanding. I am always happy to see that majority of the team members are cooperative and understood that each of us have a role in our job function that is equally important to achieve the goal. Communications with team members are important to understand problems and needs of every team person.

I recalled one of the communication with a staff which complaint that company demands for many things that is not realistic to complete. I remembered asking him whether he has brought out the issues for discussion with the team or whether he is worry of the task that is not able to complete by himself. I also asked him to provide the tasks that so far he encountered that cannot be completed and is not possible for us to achieve if we are really committed to it?

I then advised him that as long as he bring out the issues for discussion, the team will sort out the action plan. The most important thing, he must execute the action plan to get the task completed no matter how difficult it is to achieve the final goal. He received the message silently, however lately, I noticed that this person has changed to be more positive in the way he executes and highlights issues for other team members to understand and therefore be able to contribute towards finding solution. .

The Best of You.. can be found in everyone, if he or she is willing to follow the execution plans which has been discussed and agreed upon... team work is about bringing out
"The Best in You"
Tiew We Ping