What you have is a blessing.

I am just grateful to be able to live safely and happily in Singapore.In other countries,people may not even have access to water and or food while we Singaporeans are well fed and often than not we take food and water for granted.Especially for the younger generation like for me,we often do not appreciate the simplest things in life like having friends,a loving family,food and even complain about them sometimes.

Also,im thankful for those who hurt me,who allowed me to grow and see who are the real ones who care for Thankful for the hurt they gave me to make me stronger and make me see the world clearer and not stop my world for them,as it is a waste of effort.

Lastly,im thankful for the people who spurred me on continuously throughout the years,no matter how great or small you impacted me.I am thankful to ny teachers,parents and coaches who pushed me on,no matter whether it was harsh words or words of encouragement,i know it was all words of care and concern,for me to grow as a person and improve.

Every single day,i am trying to tell myself to appreciate and just not take things for granted.I think about those less fortunate people and think how fortunate i am.In days like these,we have access to social media and entertainment which is completely taken for granted and unnecessary.We take education for granted and even complain about it everyday.How often do we think about those who are on the verge of death because of starvation or those without the means to protect themselves because of lack of education.Truly,i realised the simplest way and happiest way to be happy is simply to APPRECIATE.To know that what you have is a blessing,you will be satisfied immediately and just feel happy.I suggest you to take time out of your busy lives now to reflect and appreciate.

Valencia Queck
Valencia Queck