Happily family ever after.

Happy family ever after.. yes I am in this 'ranges' . I have 3 kids,Elder girl at 6yo ,younger girl at 4yo , and a brother just pass his 1st birthday last week. Weekdays is busy days,early morning breakfast preparing ,lunch for school,fetch to school,be a chef at home,is schedule for them,totally a 'maid'. Breastfeeding my son is my only rest time for me(but not at midnight😩) ,appreciate that no giving up at the first. Happy with tired body is my way to live, btw weekend is no rushing day . Thanks god. Sometimes when i look back.. yes ,is the life I want for long time.. Tired life? Yes it is. Their smiling their naughty act, crying annoying 'tones' will make my day busy crazy and what else ? Of course 'happy ' . 😆 For an opportunity not come to easily. So, love it enjoin it and share... Weekend is husband turns to do my 'jobs'. Anyway,it is our very own family ,make turn or not , not really big deal..right? Haha kidding, of course not ! ! 😜
Vickie Chiew