Vill Chan

It was tai chi that kept me focus on my goals in life.

I am Jennifer’s tai chi student for the last 4 years. She teaches the Tai Chi for Health Program. She is a rare find. She is inspirational and has kept my interests in tai chi by using the Step Wise Teaching Methods most efficiently. This method of imparting knowledge enables learners of various levels to pick-up the different tai chi forms. I have gradually progressed from Tai Chi for Arthritis 1 to Tai Chi for Arthritis 2 (Advance), Tai Chi for Osteoporosis, Tai Chi for Diabetes, Tai Chi for Energy and Sun 73.

Her passion for tai chi has inspired many of us to learn the skills. Her sincerity goes beyond tai chi when she and her committee initiated the project to crochet beanies and collect donations for the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Many of us, like me, do not know how to crotchet. She personally conducted lessons to teach us. The tai chi interest group did more than 200 beanies and collected funds for the Foundation.

It is great to be part of a team which is whole-hearted at promoting the general health and well being of those growing “younger”. The desire is to bring the Tai Chi for Health Program to a wider community i.e. Community Centres, elderly homes, hospitals etc. This is to enable others to know the immeasurable benefits of Tai Chi for Health Program.

I have personally attended several of her sessions at the Parkinson Society Singapore. She innovated moves suitable to the patients. It helps them to relax their stiff joints. The interests and participation level generated by their enthusiasm are high and certainly encouraging. At one session, it was a rainy day. Despite the weather, the room gradually filled to capacity. It is so encouraging to see that Parkinson‘s tai chi members take so much efforts to come. The inclement weather did not deter them. At an event, a group of Tai chi Parkinson members performed the moves. Some of us were so touched by that performance.

Jennifer and Tai Chi has brought out the Best of Me. When I face my most difficult challenges, it was Tai Chi that kept me focus on my goals in life.

I have not played tennis for over 10 years due to knee injury. With Tai Chi, my balance and legs are now stronger. I have picked up tennis once again.

At 60, I learn to stay calm (applying the principles of jing and song) during my Open Water Diving certification. This enabled me to dive with my children, Robin and Rachel at Sipadan. The top 5 diving spots in the world!!

At 61, I climbed Mount Kinabalu. At 62, I cycled 100 km around Singapore on 1 Jan 2015. The combination of mental and physical endurance is the outcome of the Tai Chi for Health Program and Jennifer’s instructional abilities. It is a reflection of who she is.

The journey has only just begun. The BEST is yet to BE....
Vill Chan