True friends are like diamonds; precious and rare

Being a handicap person, I was always look down and stared at when I was in my late teen. I couldn't go out without turning some heads. Longing to wear short pants for outing but afraid I will be looked at. There were even people who felt disgust whenever they look at me. Numerous name was posed upon me that not only hurting but left me with low self-esteem. Thank Allah for giving me a true friend, Dr. Ahmad Rithaudeen who built my esteem up, encourage me to live my life, let me be me and always believe me. Now, I am a very proud handicap person who will always fight for the rights of other handicap person.

Always believe in yourself, have faith in Allah and friends, true friends who never neglect you and always with you through thick and thin.

Now, I am very vocal and my confidence level is very high.

On my way now to the gym, ready to do some workout in my shorts! Hehe

As I always say,
"True friends are like diamonds; precious and rare"
Wan Shahrazuddin Wan Abdul Razak