Wei Kai Heng

How you respond to them that define a person.

My name is Vineetha. I am 14 years old and I enjoy learning languages.

I started learning Mandarin in kindergarten, when my mother enrolled me into a Chinese school. As a nurse, my mother is fluent in many languages. I’ve seen the way she can switch between Tamil and Cantonese, Malay and Mandarin. It’s amazing! I wish to be like her too.

When I speak other languages, I get to hang out with friends of different races and learn more about their cultures. I can even interact with them in their languages. At home, I speak Mandarin with my sisters too! It’s our secret language.

I don't see learning languages other than my mother tongue unusual. But many still wonder why an Indian girl is learning a language that is not her own. I took six years to learn Mandarin and it wasn't easy. I feel sad when my friends doubted me; when I spoke to them in Mandarin, they would reply me in Malay.Say No To Racist!
Say No To Bully!

Everyone faces challenges on the path to achieving their dreams. When someone is bullied for pursuing their passion simply because it makes them different, they can get discouraged and want to give up. But that's exactly when you shouldn't.

Many people who were bullied as children have grown up to lead successful and fulfilling lives. Instead of believing the naysayers and letting those negative voices control their lives, they used their experiences as motivation to work harder. Their stories prove it's not life's obstacles, but how you respond to them that define a person.

While even the strongest survivors of bullying still remember the moments they felt the most alone and unwanted, they found the courage to overcome those painful memories and do what once seemed impossible. These seven people not only proved all their naysayers wrong but went on to do some pretty amazing things.

Instead of listening to everyone who said their dreams were "impossible," they worked hard to make those same dreams say, "I'm possible." Because they did it, you can, too.

Activiti kesedaran social ini telah meningkatkan kesedaran saya tentang isu atau kes buli kanak-kanak yang seringkali berlaku di sekolah menengah mahupun di sekolah rendah. Mangsa-mangsa tersebut mungkin mengalami kecederaan dari segi fizikal ataupun mental. Hal ini akan mengakibatkan meninggalkan kesan yang negatif kepada mereka. Justeru, larangkan kes buli kanak-kanak.

I hope that more people will open their minds to do the same as me. Maybe one day, I will get to see people wear others’ cultural costumes on Malaysia Day.
Wei Kai Heng