Winnie Kong

Think positive, be positive, live positive

"Age is not how old you are, but how many years of fun you've had." She is a old granny that everyone who love to be with. She is fun, cute or even so lovable. She used to have a clear mind, used to cook, used to take care of everyone. She dream to travel the world. When she was young, she used to go wherever she wanted to go while she still able to walk. Today, she is sitting on a wheelchair because of an accident. She fell down with a motorbike on top of her leg while she is hanging the clothes. She is no longer able to walk anymore.

Her optimistic cheers people up. She will still be having fun in life. She, Wong mooi, 92 years old is more healthier than what you expected. She is my beloved grandma that always want me to bring her out and have fun just like a little kid. Although, she will be forgetting my name, forgetting who am i sometimes. She is still a playful grandma that i have. She will understand people's feeling well and cares about everyone of us. Besides, she will keep nagging us with many funny blur sentences i could never understand.

There's some spirit i could never get to see in other people, but her... She had fun, She had no regrets, no matter how bad is the life. learn to think positively. I am glad to have her, She let me know that what is called a perfect elderly care. She use to be afraid to clean her daily poo or pee. In her eyes, i know she are still trying to be independent without asking others to help. That's the first time i volunteer to take care of her, i want to make her happy as she used to had before. I accompany her to practice doing some daily use movement to cheer her out and keep telling her that she is important in our family.

Fortunately, after months of training, and the spirit of doesn't give up. She is still having fun in her life. Although she can't walk. But she told us that she still have a pairs of hand. She able to clean vegetables, fold her own shirt,shower herself and etc. She enjoy talking with us and her friends in the park. I guess she is the best granny in the world. No matter how old is she. She is not afraid and does not give up on having fun and make her life interesting when she is still alive. She is always feeling great and strong to face every challenges in life.

As a youngsters in this generation, we should have being more happy and positive to enjoy the life we are having right now instead of being negative whenever we met obstacles. When you know that an old disabled woman are able to make the life wonderful, then why not us?

Think positive, be positive, live positive.
Winnie Kong