Wong  CC

As a team, we are performing the best of you.

Being the younger team in our organization, others were quick to judge our team’s capability and competency, but we have done our best to assure every one that age is not a barrier to performance. In fact, it is due to our young age that we are open to challenges and strive to success.

Our team had been through thick and thin, faced demanding audits from customers and received long lists of non-conformances in our journey towards compliance to global Food Safety. But we didn’t give up. With the limitation in our existing set-up, we look for alternatives, find innovative approaches and propose cost-effective solutions to close the gap. Every now and then, there will be one if not several of our team member slipping into negativity due to the tough challenge, but there will always be one if not several to provide motivation and tuning every one back to the positive note. I still remember our QA Manager told us that we cannot be defeated by just a customer. Those words prevent me from giving up and with continued efforts, we successfully gained the approval.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to TRY just one more time” – Thomas Edison

We all realized we have weakness as individual, and we are always willing to seek opinions from others in the team to find the best practical solution if we run out of ideas. We respect each other’s expertise, acknowledged each other’s strength, learned from each other and look after each other’s back. It is not rare to see the healthy discussion between Production-Maintenance, QC-Production, Warehouse-QA, Production-QA etc in our workspace. We could have argument at the meeting table, yet we joke and laugh together after the heated discussion in the meeting. Once a while out of frustration, one of us may grumble about giving up, but after the thought been voiced out, we will be back to our desk and diligently finding solution together to solve the issue in hand. The team spirit influenced each of us, and deep down, I know, no one will give up alone if the team continue to move forward together. At least, I won’t give up.

Our boss told us he could not single out a star performer among us, but as a team, we are performing "The Best of You" ..... Teamwork, that’s the best of us.....
Wong CC