Wong Li Xin

I am never alone in this journey.

When we were 12, PSLE determined which Secondary School we would end up in. I was young and ignorant and never really understood the significance of doing well.

When we were 16, I didn't know how important 'O' Level was until I did really badly for some subjects and I somehow decided to seek help before it was too late, of course, not forgetting how supportive my teachers were. THEY ARE REALLY THE BEST.

When we were 18, I took 'A' level in the hope of going to University. I failed, thinking why I chose this path that is not suitable for me. I was lazy, not smart, probably too full of myself and being unsure of so many things. I was struggling. Thank God for the second chance, but I was still a little upset knowing that I put myself in an unfavorable position.

I started to think. Education is by hard work. What do you want to do in life? Continue to dwell in failures or work harder to reach your goals? I know that I have to choose the latter.

For more than a decade, we are always striving to do well in our studies. Even when we reach university, you still need to work hard for the cert to grant you a job. Here comes the decision making of what you actually want to do and whether you want to fight for it.

The frightening fact when I looked back is how fast we have grown. Now in my mid-twenties, I know I have completed many milestones. However, this is not the end, there are still so many things to be done. I feel that I might learn things from the hard way but there is one thing I am thankful for – I am never alone in this journey.
Wong Li Xin