Wu Jiezhen

There is truly so much good that exists, if we choose to see it.

The diversity of our community at The Hidden Good community brings out the best in me. From our core team to the Hoodies (that’s what members of the community are affectionately known as) to our partners and collaborators, being surrounded with people from all walks of life who believe in the goodness of people and of humanity, reminds me that even on more challenging days, that there is goodness in the world. And when we come together with that common vision and shared belief, we build a better and brighter Singapore for the people around us.

If you ask me what is my ultimate goal is for The Hidden Good, it's to enable people – whether young & old, to recognise that there is good in all things – no matter how big or small. And for people to realise that doing good does not have to look a certain way. It is in being authentic and open-minded that we are better able to acknowledge each other as fellow Singaporeans but even more fundamentally as fellow human beings who have shared dreams, believe in doing good and living in a better world for all.

The Singapore identity exists. But it is a work in progress, just as we as humans are too. I think as each year passes and we get a little older as a nation, we learn more about ourselves as a country, and as people. I take comfort in remembering that we are only 52 – and that there are so many possibilities that lie ahead. Our Singaporean identity is being shaped and formed each and every day. And to choose to play a role in that is actually a reality. So let us choose to build our country up (:

I’m incredibly thankful for my family who have been a bedrock in my life; for my parents who have provided me with the space and freedom to grow and pursue my purpose and passion – and have always encouraged me to be the best version of myself and to do good for others. I’m also so thankful for my siblings who love me for me and who challenge me to be better every day.

And my husband Jared, who I just got married to a month ago! (: He reminds me to see the good in the little things and to have a short term memory for disappointments (while learning from them) and a long term memory for good deeds. He picks me up when I’m down and reminds me to see the good in myself when I find it hard to do so. He’s my #1 supporter, my rock, and my best friend – and he brings out the best in me each and every day.

Apart from my family and friends, what keeps me going is being able to do the things that make my heart sing: like exploring my neighbourhood, meeting interesting people, doing yoga, and having my soup and sunshine.

I treasure the fact that the unique society we live in is not only continually developing, reaching new milestones and being a changemaker/pioneer in the world, but that it is also a society built on drawing similarities from diversity and forging unity from differences.

I love that Singapore is, and will always be Home for me. Home connotes so much – more than just being a safe place or a place of comfort, it is a place where I can love, laugh, cry, grow and develop into who I am meant to be. It is where I know that there is hope, unity, strength and belonging amidst the challenges that stand in our way. And it is a place where I find myself – and where I choose to see the good and build on it. Because there is truly so much good that exists, if we choose to see it. :)
Wu Jiezhen