Working in the medical field.

Since graduation until now, I was unemployed for at least 6 months due to the over supply of Medical fresh graduate in a year. Graduates was waiting patiently until a tipping point of giving up. During Medical training in becoming a Qualified Doctor, there were plenty of obstacles which was also a tipping point spiritually and mentally for us. Seeing patient from a healthy state of mind and physically turn into someone which they themselves did not even recognized. It was a mentally torture for humanity. The negativity I experience through my work in the beginning was really sad. I was in a dilemma for at least 3 days. My emotions was affected each time seeing my patient to be so weak and helpless. One fine day, a kind senior advised me to look on a brighter side of the medical line where seeing patient healthy and well once again leaving the hospital behind with their families. It was an accomplishment as well as fulfillment that made us really matters and motivated to keep saving lives. Working in the medical field, we do not have the luxury for holiday or family time. But during festive seasons, we do celebrate with some of the patient family in the hospital. To the society it might sound sad, however it actually feel like home celebrating with my extended family. Being positive was my only motto in lives in order to keep being strong walking through all this ups and downs of life. My best advice is going strong, going right as well as keeping a healthy mind set is what we need in our life no matter in what circumstances.
Xin Yan Tay