I love my mummy!

I would like to thank my mother who brought up me and my sisters single-handedly. To me she is a hero. If she didn’t have the strong will, she wouldn’t have survived the very difficult times after the passing of my dad. Since young, my sisters and I have been raised by mother single-handedly, so during the time it wasn’t an easy time for her emotionally and financially. So to all single moms out there, be strong and hang in there. If my mom can raise me and my 2 elder sisters single-handedly, I am sure you all can do it too.

I lost my dad when I was 2. During that time, my mother had to work and raise 3 of us up. Till now we have been living quite comfortably, so it’s not easy for her. Her willpower and strength to carry on and not be too devastated by the accident drove us to be a stronger person.

Xue TIng