However, I will not give up on my passion.

"Eh boy, what you want to do when you are grown up ah?"

"Mummy, I want to become drawing artist!"

"A Boy ahh, you know artist only become famous after they die you know.."

Every word from that conversation is true, between the five years old me and my mum.

Since young, I always loved drawing. When I was a kid, I would doodle on anything I can lay my hand on, my homework, story books or even newspaper. Once I even got whacked by my dad when he found out I am not doing my homework instead there is just full of doodle on the exercise book. LOL.

As a chinese child, I was mind washed since young that only lawyers, doctors or businessman can be called successful mainly because they earn enough money daily to feed their family. For me at least, that's the wrong mindset that as a elder to pass on to your children. Don't get me wrong though, my family loves me from the bottom of their heart, and I still love them very very very much.

That's why people nowadays are even afraid to admit their true passion. That's sad.

Today, I am studying Material Science and Engineering in the UK. However, I will not give up on my passion. That is why I am devoting every moment of my free time in developing my skill as a creator. A creator that one day is going to inspire the world.
Yan Kai Kee