Find your passion, make it your priority.

The failure of Malaysian's education system.

Hi, my name is YanKai, chinese, 20 years old and disappointed with Malaysia's education system. Since young, just like any other chinese child in the Malaysian community, I was told to get good results to be successful later in life. I didn't get it at first but I did anyway. By studying really hard day and night, hours and hours a day, I got flying colours in every single exam I attended. I got 7As in UPSR, 7As in PMR, 10As in SPM with 7A* and 4A* in my Cambridge A-level. Sounds pretty amazing huh? To be honest, I am pretty proud of my results.

But the reality is, I am only good in exams, good in memorizing biology and solving difficult math problems. Exam is suppose to serve the purpose of testing you're understanding of the course, not solving questions. Sadly, nowadays, every kids are following my footstep, becoming an examination machine.

I only realise this when I got into one of the best Universities in the world, Imperial College of London. In here, I am truly nothing despite the achievement I had in Malaysia. Because of the lack of passion, people like us tend to get bored of the course really quickly and ended up in a really worst period of few years because of just education system.

To all of yo out there who are still studying. Find you're passion, make it you're priority and make you're life easier when it comes to university or work.
Yan Kai Kee