Love yourself.

Today I would like to talk about loving yourself.

Your life only starts when you truly understand the meaning of loving yourself.

People often forget that and care too much about the society, care too much about what other thinks of you. It is an obstacle that most of us face. Don't get me wrong, it is no easy task. I took me 20 years before I realise, I don't have to care that much and just live how you like it. That's when life only starts.

By living for the others, it constrain you from doing what you truly love and what you're passionate about. By living for the others, it narrow down your vision and cut down your freedom. As if you're just a puppet controlled by the society.

Just this summer, I went to and island to work for a few weeks. I have no friends there, I have very limited internet connection, I'm disconnected to the world I used to live in. In that island, I spent more time by myself. That's when I started doing something I love and don't care about others because no one knows me. There's no judging of your action.

Lastly, my advise is, travel alone. Travel to somewhere you never been before, learn and understand more about yourself. Love yourself.
Yan Kai Kee