Yap  Li Yen

Here's a tribute to the amazingly awesome dad of mine.

From spoiling me like a princess to supporting me till today, he has always been the greatest inspiration and a hero to me. Well, here’s a tribute to the amazingly awesome dad of mine.

Being the sole breadwinner of the family of 5, it is not easy to support all of us especially when dad is just an ordinary sales manager who doesn’t earn much. Knowing the fact that all 3 of his children aren’t good in studies nevertheless he still willing to spend that huge sum of money sending us to tuitions over tuitions yet our grades are still at border line.

Dad has always been a pillar of strength to me, I remembered back then, coming home feeling super disappointed at myself for not scoring well in my SPM examination which also means that I won’t be able to receive any scholarship for my college and knowing that I have let my parents down, I started sobbing, nervously announced my terrible results to my parents while having dinner, to my amaze, dad never scolded me yet he looks calm and all he said was ‘hey, it’s ok, you’ve given your best shot, it wasn’t that bad after all’ while scooping more dishes on my plates, that even make me tear up more.

My dad has also made tons of sacrifices to me and would prioritizes serving his children needs before his own. Back in high school, dad was like taxi driver to all of us especially my siblings and I. Sending us to schools and tuitions everyday back and forth non-stop especially when all 3 of us have different tuition schedules, yet he would still managed to send all of us to our destination making sure we get the best education. And believe me, every day without fail, he would always be an hour earlier seated in his car, patiently waiting to pick us up no doubt how tiring he is after work. This is beyond 5 stars taxi driver that everyone would want to hire! A year ago, I got into an accident where I fell and hit my head from cheerleading and ended up bedridden for almost 2months. I even hospitalized twice where I was so sick till the point where I feel so hopeless crying in pain every day. But dad on the other hand, stayed by my side while I was hospitalized and not giving up going around searching high and low on ways to cure my sickness. Not only this, every month he would even accompany me to my orthodontic for my braces appointment and sometimes he even cancel his meeting or goes to work late just to accompany me.

Dad you have no idea how much you have touch my heart in so many ways and that I love you from the bottom of my heart. You have always been there with me through every struggle and toughest time of my life. I salute you for all your sacrifices that you had made for me and bringing the best out of me. Words can’t express how grateful and blessed I am to have the world’s best dad I could ever ask for!

Yap Li Yen

Saito College
Yap Li Yen