Yap Yuli

Yuli was diagnosed with Asperger's disease.

Yuli was diagnosed with Asperger’s disease when he was 18 years old. Although he had been living 18 years of his life with the challenges of Asperger’s, a lack of information and resources available at that time caused his parents to think that he was just slow in learning. It was only in the recent years that his mother came across an article about Asperger’s and she could finally pinpoint at the medical condition her son was suffering from.

Growing up with Asperger has caused much confusion and heartbreak to Yuli. As he had problems socializing with others, he was often side-lined and misunderstood by his peers. Sometimes those around him would hurl hurtful remarks at him, causing him hurt and confusion, as he did not understand their actions.

Despite all the hardship he had to go through as a child and teenager, he is happy and grateful that he has gained a few true friends. Although not everyone can understand him, he knows he can count on these few friends to give him support and care.

Yuli showed artistic promise as a child as he would spend hours doodling away. In his teen years, he also took an interest in skateboarding and heavy metal art, which influenced him to draw monsters and aggressive creatures both real and imaginative. He amassed a large collection of digital and physical artworks drawing his inspiration from many artists and art books too.

Living with Asperger’s actually gave Yuli a unique individual outlook in life and his surroundings which enabled him to capture his own artistic take on subjects as he sees them. He is particularly fond of painting animals and landscapes with his forte in using pen and ink as a medium of painting. Yuli is particularly known for his love of drawing Japanese landscapes and has drawn many scenes. He has a strong eye for detail, which results in paintings that looks so realistic they seem like they are printed out.

Having earned his Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Designing from Curtin University, Western Australia, Yuli stepped into the working world. However, he realized his real passion lied in becoming an artist so he dedicated his effort into drawing full time. Yuli is extremely devoted to his artistic work, as he is very particular about the details in his work, drawing something take a toll on his hands. It is not uncommon for him to take long breaks in between completing his art pieces so that he is able to give his 100% to every artwork.

Yuli has been able to persevere through all the adversity in his life and now giving his best for his passion because of his faith in God. Since young, his mom encouraged him to walk close to God and trust in God regardless of the circumstances in life. Yuli managed to pull through the hard time and succeed in his artistic endeavour because he has one true and faithful friend, God. To Yuli, God is the best of him as God gives him the strength and peace to walk every step in his life.
Yap Yuli