Yeo Hwee

Innate calling.

Growing up as a seamstress’s daughter, I have always enjoyed sewing. I spent many hours designing and sewing clothes for my dolls. This passion for sewing was momentarily shelved when I began my quest to study as an architect and afterwards practicing in the architecture profession for many years.

Creative work has always challenged me and solving problems by design excites me and connects me with people. When I took a break from my professional practice, I was motivated by an innate calling to volunteer at a special needs school. The first idea that came to my mind was how to use design to create dignified work for these special needs youth.

When I finally set up Personalised Love, a social enterprise that trains and employs special needs youths in leather crafting, my lifelong dream has been fulfilled. I was able to combine my love for crafts with design thinking skills acquired in architecture to better the lives of the special needs craftsmen we train.

By the grace of God, instead of becoming an architect who designs building and township; HE realigns my desire to build and also to connect. I have now the opportunity and joy to become a steward to each of this special need child. I now have the chance to work along side each of them to mentor them, to grow their confidence by embracing their abilities , to empower them, and to celebrate their potential, each child at a time.

Yeo Hwee