Yiming Wang

All you need is just a step.

I met him on Khao San Road, Bangkok.

I was on an art trip and he was there for holiday. We were acquaintances.

We met in a social club and since we were heading for Thailand, we could get cheaper alternatives for some event materials there.

We started texting and realized we had the similar brand of flat humor and instant messaging lameness, at least with all my hideous typos, I guess he understood.

The evening before the little rendezvous, our mutual friend called him up to chill together. Then again, sometimes you know, plans fail. Mr cabby driver scammed us and we got lost. In the end, he got ditched.

The next day we finally met.

But I was lethargic due to all the unforeseen bus idiocy and last minute tour plans in the day. So our meeting got delayed.

Tat night.

Clearly, the errand was consciously (him) and unconsciously (me) rendered to some funky street hopping and dinner- fruit juice and octopus sticks. We even stumbled upon this famous mango sticky rice ice-cream shop. Ass-sauntering through the awakened bustling nightlife, we tried luke-warm puns and failed punch-lines.

Eventually, we wanted a good massage and headed into this deserted looking one. To my dismay, it was hands down- the worst massage I ever received in my lifespan and the shadyness could rival Fifty. We tried not to be awkward, while filling the bizarreness with catch-ups of the lives we lived.

We decided to proceed for a few nonsensical-massage-make-up-drinks, in a gawky night bar with a band chanting unknown songs. There were relentless fidgeting alongside some intrusive probing and pick ups.

I didn know how to respond.

I guess he didn expect any of these either.

That night was ablaze with unfamiliar experiences and unspoken thoughts, woven in a net of swirling waves leased under some of the funniest collision of circumstances.

But there was chemistry.

Have you ever met someone, when some strange realization dawned upon you that maybe you have met them before. It's like your soul peeking into another's and blurting out an animated "Hello Mate".

The strangeness of familiarity and familiarity of strangeness. All in one, with a ribbon on it.

Perhaps, he must have been my grandfather or uncle before, I theorized.

Since we've come on home, there were few meetings.
Every occasion, the intensity. A vessel of emotions carefully hidden (swept under the rug).
We only spoke out loud half of what we wanted to say.

There's no

If in life.

And I have always believed the universe has a way of speaking to you.

I don't think u squander away a rare connection anyhow.

In between travels and humdrum of daily hustles,

Before you know it,

Tat instant moment(s)

Get frozen in the most far-fetched ends of memory lane along with time the creeper.

And sometimes,

All you need is just

A step.

So far

Yet so near.

- Fallen burrow angel in the City of Angels
Yiming Wang