Do not label before knowing them.

Since I was small, elders will say so to us ' Naughty some more la, I will sell you ah bu nei nei', this has caused me having a bad image to other races people in our country. But, it has really changed my mind until the day I went out and helped up my father in a market. There are mostly Malay customers in the market and less Indian and Chinese. I found out that Malays can even more friendly than Chinese. It is totally out of my mind. I started to know that we can make friends with them as well, there is no social barriers between us. When I entered into my secondary school, which is said to be a Malay school, I am getting better understanding about them. There could be one or two of them are bad in attitudes but it does not mean that all of them! Now, even I had graduated few years ago, but I still kept contacts with my Malay and Indian best friends. Maybe some of the people will look me down when they knew that I was study in a Malay school BUT ! I could say that I am proud of it ! I am so appreciate that I studied over there, I learnt a lot new things that I'm sure that I couldn't get it in a pure Chinese school. So, PEOPLE, don't to label them before we knowing them. Thank you for your passion in reading my words~
Yong Si Teh