We, Domestic Helpers can be successful businesswomen.

Being a Domestic Helper is not easy for me with limited English speaking and low education. I’m Indonesian, I’ve already been Singapore for 7 years, and I have one day off every Sunday. I use my off day to learn something that can make my dream come true and make my future bright.

On January 2014 I joined an organization, which helps domestic helpers and low-income women set up their own business. The name is AIDHA micro business school. I joined module 1 to learn about financial and technology. I joined for 4 months at the AIDHA office and realized I needed a scholarship for module 2 to learn about entrepreneurship and business management. I was very excited to try my best to get it. Fortunately, I got the scholarship module 2 which start on April 2014. Now every Sunday I go to AIDHA to do module 1&2. It is really tired but I won’t give up I always remember in my mind if I can do this course I will be a leader and can set up my own business .How awesome if helpers can manage her own company or business, unbelievable right? But this is reality after I graduate in business management on December 2015 at AIDHA and after going through the training, I am really confident to start my own business.

In July 2016, AIDHA called me to do interview to be a trainee at AIDHA campus office This is really great opportunity for me help improve my low education can have interview to get change work to office work perhaps.

I try my best and very honestly when answering the question during my interviews. With no experience in working in the office, I was still confident with myself. Because I know I am hard working, honest, a fast learner and have a very good attitude.

I’m very lucky I passed my interview and started training on August 2016.

To be a successful woman you don’t need to be from rich family or have high education, but we Domestic Helpers can be successful businesswomen if we are keen to learn and use our free time to do positive things.

Hopefully, my story can inspire all domestic helpers in Singapore to do better things on their off day, and for so that all employer can give their helpers off day with their full trust and understand that helpers are also humans - they have certain talent and skills, just that they need to develop that while they are in Singapore