I fell in love with the sound of engines.

i started my passion for cars & motor sports back in 1999 when i was 4 y/o. i remember i saw a nissan skyline R33 GTR, i listened to the deep growl of the six cylinders inline turbocharged engine, ever since that day, i fell in love with the sound of engines. when i was 9 years old, i went to sepang to experience my first motorsport race, i was surrounded by the smell of racing fuel, burnt tyres, loud exhausts, sighs from the drivers and lots of dramas among the drivers. it was a very joyful time for me to witness the race in the famous Sepang International Circuit. ever since that day, i promised myself to race in sepang one fine day & i started buying car magazines, google-ing stuffs about cars & motorsports to gain as much knowledge about cars & motorsports. as i turned 18, i got my own car, it's a used and quite abused car. so i started getting my hands dirty on my own car, fixing things that i could fix. i went up to ulu yam & genting most of the weekends to improve my driving skills, it is illegal to drive recklessly on a public road but i couldnt afford to pay the fees in Sepang. after few years of improvising my car & my driving skills, i was ready to start my career of racing in Sepang but i could not proceed because my budget was not enough. i was so down to know that i could not proceed, but few years after that, a good friend of mine offered me to be his partner in racing for his team, i could not say no for sure, but there was another thing that stop me, which is i was still studying. i was really sad about it, but im still here pursuing my dream to be a racing driver, struggling very hard because its a very expensive hobby. but i always thought to myself not to give up & lose hope in myself in pursuing my dream.
Yunus Hafeez