Zack Chaw Yang

The perspective toward the problem is very important.

This digital portrait was done by me in 2017. I was inspired by a photo and used it as my main reference. I used to draw and practice, especially portrait drawing. I always try to find a new way to express my art through difference media. I use charcoal, pencil, marker but the major was tablet as it is very convenient.

Among the digital painting I did, this piece was very important to me, although it might look normal, but it help me went through my hard time. There was a moment, I felt very depressed, because the pressure from surrounding, work, peoples and mainly myself. I was lost and I blamed everything that happened to me, then I found this incomplete drawing inside my laptop folder which in the mid of progress and remain untouched for nearly two months.

The girl Portrait inside was upside down and she look release, enjoy and peaceful to me. An idea appeared in my mind, I lied down and look upside down, I realized everything were so difference, it was marvelous. Later, I completed the painting and came along with a lesson to myself, "It is just about changing the perspective", sometime we need to upside down our perception, change our thoughts and it will eventually change our life.

Whatever that happened, the perspective toward the problem is very important, if you can change the angle and face it, the strength and luck will always be with you.
Zack Chaw Yang