Zadatul Akhmer Sharmil Mustaffa

We are One and We are united as Malaysia

It's a story of us being Malaysian. We live in Malaysia with multi races. I came from a family of mix races marriage of Chinese and Pakistan. I am a Muslim. Having to live in a family of mix races, teach me on being open to all races and respect other races and religions. Back in 1980's, during my school time, we enjoy learning and get together with other races. It all comes with respect. However, sadly to said that as age goes by, people had lost the respect to each other and being racist.

In many occasions, I felt irritated to hear about people cursing or disrespecting others about their races. It is all about respect and not racist. I had friends from many races that respected me although I am a Muslim and I respected them as they are. We do not mixed politics, religions in our friendship. We respect each other and care for each other.

Malaysia has become a country that no respect being put to the community of multi races. Let's all embrace and put back the respect to each and every one in the country despite their races and religion.

We are Malaysian. We are One and We are united as Malaysia.
Zadatul Akhmer Sharmil Mustaffa