Knowing her for more than 42 years is a real blessing.

Knowing her for more than 42 years is a real blessing. She is one in a million….a diamond who will always shine brightly even in the dark. She is a loyal wife, who took great care of her family especially her husband. When her husband fell ill, she took care of him even when he was bedridden for more than 4 years; she was the one who showered him, fed him first before she took hers, washed his dirt and changed his diapers and every single details of his routines had became hers. She is physically weak, but for the past four years, the children saw her very strong side when she kept all her upset within herself for the husband who was no longer able to earn for the family.

With 5 children and 20 grand children, she is the most tolerable and soft hearted mother, grandma and wife. One thing touched me the most is when every time the family members sat together for meals, she will be the last person to take her meal; just to make sure that the children and grandchildren have enough to eat. Not that the children did not stop her and ask her to seat together for meals; but she said it has become her habit. How humble she is!
Life goes on…this great woman above is actually my lovely mother who I used to call “MAK” for more than 42 years. She is Marsidah binti Tukiman, a 63years old iron lady in my siblings’ heart. She is a kindhearted woman with millions of loves in her heart. On 26 June 2015, she lost her beloved husband, her best friend and her soul mate for almost half a decade. A great husband, a dad and a grandfather had left us forever. May his soul rest in peace and blessed by Allah. As her only son, I promised that I will take care of her till her last breath. Stay strong ‘MAK’ even after half of your strength was taken away by ‘ABAH’…and I believe that you will always be strong for us….INSYAALLAH… I believe my commitment to take care of my mother will be ... "The Best of You"
Zamri Mohamed Sarwani