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Urban Poverty: Educational Inequality in Singapore

How can we level the playing field for disadvantaged youths and ensure no child gets left behind?

If there is one thing Singapore is known for, it is our world-class education system. Every child is said to have equal opportunities to succeed, as “Every School Is A Good School” – a motto coined by ex-Education Minister Heng Swee Keat.

In our meritocratic society, education – from preschool to tertiary – is widely regarded as a key social leveller, a foundation upon which one can build a brighter future.

However, why do some children seem to get a better head start, while others consistently fall behind?

What is educational inequality?

Causes of educational inequality

What support systems are in place to help disadvantaged students in Singapore?

Other effects of poverty

Food Inequality
Malnutrition is typically associated with urban poverty. It is one of the most visible effects of poverty due to lack of money to supply adequate and nutritious food on the table.
Social Inequality
It is very common for people living in poverty to be marginalised in school, work and community. They are often robbed of the opportunities to uplift their conditions due to this discrimination.
Urban poverty, people living below the global poverty line and effects of poverty are still a serious social problem in Singapore.