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Urban Poverty:
Social Insecurity in Singapore

Many of us who live in an affluent Singapore are blessed to enjoy a high standard of living. This includes having access to quality housing, education, and healthcare. Having the privilege of taking private hire cars whenever we wish. Not needing to worry about paying our electricity or phone bills, or think twice about setting aside some buffer money for that annual overseas family trip.

However, there are individuals and families in our society who, due to certain socioeconomic disadvantages and income inequalities, are unable to access the same privileges or resources that many of us may take for granted.

What is social inequality?

Causes of social inequality

What are the support systems in place to uplift low-income families in Singapore?

Other effects of poverty

Food Inequality
Malnutrition is typically associated with urban poverty. It is one of the most visible effects of poverty due to lack of money to supply adequate and nutritious food on the table.
Education Inequality
A familiar predicament for those who are living in poverty. Access to tuition centres, time for schoolworks and learning materials are very limited due to financial issues and household duties.
Urban poverty, people living below the global poverty line and effects of poverty are still a serious social problem in Singapore.